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Company History

G & M Under Road Boring P/L has been working in the civil (earthmoving) industries since 1994 and has the resources, the proven service standard and capabilities to service any size project with a high standard of quality while providing clear and concise procedures warranted for the control of our employees and subcontractors work standards.

During the earlier years of the company’s existence it supported 28 employees and 12 subcontractors supplying companies such as Telstra, Ergon, councils and various other companies with a variety of services, e.g. trenching, haul, boring etc. It was not until the latter part of the year 2000 we decided to reduce the size of our company by specializing in directional drilling without eliminating all our resources/machinery/equipment so as to enable us to still perform the necessary activities required but with minimal staff.

G & M have no boundaries when it comes to nominated work areas as we will travel anywhere in Australia, completing major projects for companies such as Service Stream, NDC, NBN, Longreach Council etc. 



Our company has in place a JSA that all employees have access to if they are unsure of the correct procedure of any work undertaken. This manual is also used on a regular basis for identifying areas of hazard and its control measures and complying with the corrective action details.

Environmental Management Plan G & M is committed to sustainable business practice and the protection of the environment. It is our aim to be environmentally responsible in all our activities and to support our customers’ environmental approaches.

Our goals are to prevent pollution, reduce the amount of waste we generate, reduce our usage of resources through efficient practices, material recycling and reuse.

G & M management are committed to ensure a Healthy, Safe and Risk Free Environment for all of their employees.

To help achieve this commitment, G & M management are to include health, safety and the environment, as an integral part of their decision making process. To enable this to be implemented the Environmental, Workplace Health and Safety Plan has been developed to help all persons understand and appreciate their roles and responsibilities.

Traffic Management Plan
G & M have put in place a traffic management plan that is used to identify various hazards that relate to different tasks and what procedures are put in place to ensure safety. A traffic management safety audit checklist is used to ensure all procedures are abided by.

Quality Management Plan
G & M’s quality manual is designed to enhance quality by working in a systematic manner to formalise procedures designed to eliminate the occurrences of deficiencies. The requirement of AS3902/ISO 9002 9000 is carried out through adhering to the following documents:

Quality Manual
This document contains the Quality policy where the requirements of AS3902 are addressed in the system.

Procedures address the system element requirements.

They also reference any associated forms that area used to meet requirements. Instructions: - Instructions are detailed guides to the work processes.

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Our Services

At G & M Under Road Boring our specialist team are highly experienced experts in drilling services for all types of environments. We can help with power line, communication civil construction projects, private projects etc.

G & M Under Road Boring P/L have no restrictions on the distance we travel as we are willing to travel anywhere in Australia

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  • Directional drilling soil & rock.
  • Pit & pipe construction
  • Underground asset location
  • Hydrovac excavation

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